#671: Semicones

I recently spent an unhappy couple of hours staring at traffic cones from a stationary motorway queue.

It occurred to me that there may be economies in the world of traffic cones: hence today’s invention. The idea is to make existing cones undertake twice their current duty and thus limit the costs of producing ever more examples. Each existing cone would be cut, using a simple, van-borne tool into two halves as shown.

The resulting halves would each still be able to stand stably and be only marginally less detectable visually -even if not optimally aligned. Although there might be some wind generated rocking (which could even boost visibility) it would still be very difficult to topple these in any direction (My guess is that the maximum drag coefficient for a hollow half-cone would be much less than double that for the original cone).

The semi-cones would also still nest and allow twice as many to fit into a given space during transport.

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