#652: Dressense

Today’s invention is for partners and spouses whose partners or spouses are utterly devoid of any dress sense (the kind of people who will happily wear stripes and spots and checks simultaneously in various clashing colours and textures).

All clothing items which go into the wardrobe of an unaesthetic dresser are digitally photographed. His or her better half (or campaign manager) can then create a database online consisting of visually acceptable combinations of colours, styles etc, using these images. Each combination could also be labeled with the types of event at which it could be suitably worn (some items might be ruled out as unacceptable under any circumstances, of course).

A small screen fitted inside the wardrobe would indicate at each door opening, using identification numbers attached to each garment, what the next outfit should be, taking into account the user’s (computer-based) schedule for the day.

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