#641: Anti-coughcuff

Marvin Minsky tells us that people increase their incidence of disease 30% by shaking hands. I’m prepared to believe him (although I’m less impressed by his failure to demo any artificial intelligence yet).

Today’s invention is one that might appeal to politicians in particular. Rather than having to stop periodically on the campaign trail to surreptitiously wash their hands, their suits would have a lining in the right sleeve which was impregnated with disinfectant. After every 100 or so shakes, the right hand could be discreetly drawn up into the sleeve and wiped clean. The right sleeve might be made in a slightly elasticated fabric and the lining could be removed each day and destroyed. Actually, thinking about it, it makes more sense for the disinfectant laden lining to be in the right hand pocket.

This would result in significantly less illness for the wearer and reduced transmission rates to his or her unfortunate electorate.

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