#586: Hosetidy

Misfuelling is the dreadful name given to putting the wrong fuel in your vehicle. Diesel in a petrol car = bad news. This can be a very costly mistake to make and so there are numerous devices to ensure motorists avoid it. The odd thing is that drivers aren’t all buying these and manufacturers aren’t getting their acts together to factory-fit them. Maybe it’s to do with car companies selling anti-misfuelling insurance?

I was irritated therefore when filling my tank recently (already pretty miffed about the price) to find that the nozzles had been swapped in the pump holsters (the hoses always form a hydra-like rope which doesn’t help distinguish between their origins). Whether caused by some malicious miscreant or just a moron, I nearly ended up with 10 gallons of unwanted Extra-Green-Superoctane-Plus, together with an additional £3k bill.

Today’s invention is a simple, colour-coded plastic location device which is fitted to the ‘heel’ of each nozzle and which allows it only to fit into the correspondingly-shaped locator attached to the correct holster.

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