#579: Bladeblower

I’m tired of throwing away lots of disposable razors, without even knowing whether the blades are blunt. I use a razor once or twice and the whole ‘system’ clogs with a concretion of stubble, skin cells and old soap -making it effectively unusable, even after running it under water at high pressure.

I’ve talked before about the blade cleaning problem…hard-to-clean blades are actually a feature of their underlying business model.

Today’s invention is a washable mouthpiece which snaps onto the rear face of disposable razors. The user blows hard into one end. Air travels in between the blades and dislodges whatever residue there is into the sink (Probably best to do this before everything has dried to a fibre-matrix composite material).

The short passage between mouthpiece and razor would be filled with small-diameter tubes -so that the pressures at their outlet ends would be uniform (thus avoiding the problem of air simply by passing parts of the gap between razor blades which are blocked by gunge).

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