#548: Wingbeats

I hate flying. No, in fact, it’s airlines I have a problem with. I find it difficult to place the lives of my family in the hands of organisations which can’t guarantee that even our bags will get delivered on time and intact -or which choose to fly through rough air to save on fuel.

Today’s invention is a simple heartbeat monitor which airline passengers would be required to wear on their wrist. This would plug into the audio jack in all passenger seats and provide data about when in a flight heartbeats rose rapidly. This would be correlated with the control movements stored in the flight recorder and these, in turn, would provide a measure of the smoothness with which each pilot was doing his/her job.

This would have to take into account the showing of any particularly emotional inflight movies, but such events are deliberately pretty rare in my experience. In addition, anyone about to experience a heart attack or undertake some act of violence would be detectable via their change in pulse, in time for crew members to do something about the situation.

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