#517: Wristware

Buying and wearing an expensive watch can be a pain. Today’s invention is for people who don’t want to have to take great care of an expensive timepiece, but who still want some of the character which these products embody (and without buying a counterfeit lookalike).

For many years it’s been possible to get rather unexciting radio-controlled watches. Imagine one of these which receives via radio an image of the face of a very expensive timepiece, physically located safely on a shelf somewhere.

This need only be updated with each new position of the second hand, reducing the bandwidth requirement. You might also choose to receive and play the actual ticking of the particular watch in question.

This would allow people to ‘wear’ a new, highly-expensive watch each day -without the cost of buying and the care required of an actual owner. A wrist-based receiver could also have a back face and display the inner workings of a watch equipped with a rear window.

Those with a keen sense of irony could opt for the Vista desktop clock, since it’s the best thing about that whole operating system.

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