#480: Boomerangefinder

Security forces are always on the look out for what’s going on just behind those bushes or beyond some parked cars.

Today’s invention combines one very old technology with one relatively new one to help in this kind of situation.


It consists of a boomerang, equipped with a cellphone camera and a radio transmitter. This allows a skilled individual to launch the boomerang and have it return to them, almost silently. The device would be made of a resilient foam rubber in order to avoid causing casualties. In flight, images would be sent back to a portable receiver and viewed on the attached screen. With a camera fixed into the body of the aerial device, this would require that the resulting movie be either viewed frame by frame or automatically adjusted to compensate for the rotational position in the air.

This represents an alternative to complex, expensive, noisy UAVs (which themselves require great skill to fly).

I won’t even mention the possible uses of this technology in the hands of the papparazzi.

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