#343: Daylight discs

Twice a year, “when the clocks go back -or forward” I’m hassled by the need to reset more than 25 domestic timekeeping devices.

Given that they aren’t networked (several are mechanical chronometers), it inevitably takes several days, sometimes a few weeks, to get around to adjusting them all.


In the interim, I’m faced by a variety of timepieces reading different times. Since the error is only an exact hour, you’d think this wouldn’t cause much of a problem but some devices (eg the oven, central heating) require fairly significant reprogramming…so I have to maintain mental correction factors for a number of them. When in a rush, it’s easy to arrive an hour early for that crucial meeting.

Today’s invention is a stack of small diameter self adhesive discs, in two, alternating colours. Each clock has a stack applied to the front surface. When its time is adjusted, the current disc is removed, leaving one of contrasting colour to indicate that it is now in either daylight saving mode (eg yellow) or not (eg blue).

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