#294: Utilitool

What happens if you need a range of tools with you all the time but you don’t want to cart about an entire shedful of them? …often, a solution is to get yourself a penknife-leatherman-multitool and strap it onto your utility belt.

The original folding penknife idea is pure genius, of course. One problem though is that if you look through e.g. the Swiss army knife catalogue, only certain ‘blade’ combinations are possible. You can have the saw, the corkscrew and the small blade but not in addition to that pointy thing for getting stones out of horses’ hooves.


Today’s invention is a penknife/multitool implement which consists of a handle into which the user may choose to slot their own selection from a huge range of individual blades.

This allows you to have several such ‘knives’, each of which is optimised eg for gardening or electrical maintenance, rather than being a catch-all compromise.

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