#292: Cybercard

It’s impossible to do anything new in terms of business cards, right? Well here is an attempt to add some extra value to the whole exchange-of-dogeared-cardboard ceremony.

Today’s invention is a handheld labelmaker device which takes in your existing, paper business cards and prints, on the reverse side, a url specific to the meeting you are hosting. This might well allow you to print a personalised note to the recipient or remind them of a good joke someone made in the meeting. (The device might contain a high capacity digital audio recorder. This could make a recording of the meeting and automatically upload the file (or a transcript, if necessary) to the url in question).


The people you have met thus have a reason to pay more attention to your card and to follow up the event by visiting a website (on which you may also choose to present them with other relevant information).

This would allow particiants to edit and agree any meeting note, online. Once agreed by everyone who was present, this could be used as a record of decisions taken and actions arising, without the need for official minute taking and with less scope for subsequent misinterpretation.

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