#193: Sinusoid curves

The brassiere has been around now for about a century, so I thought it was time to upgrade it to being a higher tech dynamic system. Breast motion is something which occupies the minds of designers of sports bras and plastic surgeons alike.

People, especially males, tend to be tuned to the way women move, not just their shape.


Today’s invention is a brassiere which will move in such a way, under the action of normal walking, as to amplify natural breast oscillation.

The required harmonic dynamics can be achieved by building flat springs into the straps and small masses fitted into the cups which can be adjusted to operate at frequencies characteristic of breasts of a given (usually larger) size. The necessary damping friction could be provided by selecting the (variable) number of velcro tabs over which the straps are constrained to travel.

With any luck, this system might provide some women with sufficiently increased confidence as to avoid breast augmentation surgery.

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