#64: Condom orientation

“Be sure the roll is on the outside”… easy enough to say in the small print of the multilingual condom instruction manual, but under normal (ie urgent) circumstances, determining which is the inside and outside of a condom can be quite a challenge.

Today’s invention is therefore simply to place a contraceptive sheath in its sealed foil packaging so that eg the side of the packet which should be facing the male’s torso is always of one colour.

This is probably already happening, all we need is to be told that we can rely on it.


  1. Yes, this is a really great design, but the packaging still doesn’t make it explicit as to which way is ‘forwards’.

  2. this new condom will solve the “orientation” problem. It is patented, with “tactile technology”. Can be applied in the dark, etc. two grip tabs, help apply and drop away, like a band-aid.fast, easy and correct!! No more flipping over a contaminated condom!! It only goes on one way. the “tabs” face away from the body and indicate how to appply….

  3. Great to see such breathless enthusiasm for a product; any product…to the extent of having a “frequent users” section ; )

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