The new logo

What is that circular thing at the top right of the page? It’s a stylised version of a drawing by Leonardo da Vinci used to help him demonstrate that perpetual motion machines were impossible (technically this is one of the second kind, since it wouldn’t spontaneously start moving).

I thought that the pmm2 was a suitable metaphor for the seemingly everlasting activity which is IOTD (as well as being a tribute to Da Vinci and a humorous nod to all those people who claim to be inventors without having ever done a thermodynamics problem sheet).

Inevitably, with a new logo comes a whole new world of merchandise. Why not display your interest in invention by wearing an IOTD T shirt?

This range will grow to feature other inventors (on the back) but the first is my personal hero, Michael Faraday. A man who had at least one idea every day and yet still found time to explain his thinking clearly to anyone who was interested.