#1356: QuailMail

Now that we have GPS and relatively cheap UAVs, today’s invention is to unite these technologies to provide peer-to-peer package post.

Fire up your personal UAV quadricopter, and supply it with your friend’s address. Attach a package and the UAV will travel straight to the target postcode using GPS (avoiding trees, buildings and paragliders).

On nearing the destination, it will detect the wifi generated by the recipient’s hub and travel along a line of increasing signal strength until it messages the receiver who will emerge to collect the package.

#1278: Ringseats

I read today that people sitting within five rows of an exit have a greatly improved chance of exiting a plane unscathed in an emergency.

Today’s invention is to equip new airliners with benchseats arranged in circular arcs around the doors of an airliner. This allows everyone to be sitting within only a few rows of an exit (it might be possible to sell sets in row five from an exit at lower prices than seats in rows closer to the door).

The seats would be colour-coordinated with the doors so that everyone would know which to exit by.

Some people would end up sitting facing backwards (but that too is safer, usually).