I’ve now generated almost exactly one idea on average every day for the last 1000+ days. Of these, I reckon about ten in total are still worthy of commercial exploitation (a subset of these would still be patentable in certain jurisdictions).

I will continue to publish inventions here for the same reasons as before…partly as a protest on behalf of the huge numbers of people who can’t afford protection within the existing laws -but also because it’s such unalloyed fun.

I have now written a business plan (and even sourced some initial funding) for the forthcoming Inventor Centre. This has arisen from my activities in entrepreneurship training ( and my work with Mark Sheahan (Inventor in Residence at the British Library).

The objectives of the InventorCentre are:

  • To celebrate and foster Scotland’s historic spirit of inventiveness
  • To create a small but effective support facility for our naturally gifted innovators (including those without high-level academic qualifications)
  • To help people develop, protect and make money from their ideas
  • To facilitate networking and education, especially for young people who need access to professional mentoring, development funding and negotiation skills
  • To institute an Inventor-in-Residence placement scheme within Scottish and international companies and thus provide an enhanced mutual experience of the ideation process.

All will soon be revealed at