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13th January 2013

#2228: Spinnersteer

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Today’s invention is a way to simplify the controls on model aircraft.

Rather than mimic the complexity of ailerons and other flaps, it would be possible to have a twin-engined model turn using only gyroscopic forces.


In the diagram, two counter-rotating propellors are shown.

To make the plane turn to starboard, a metal rod would be pushed outwards along the drive shaft from inside (gravity acts on the extended rod, creating a clockwise torque about an axis into the plane of the diagram).

The effect would be to make the engine rotate to the right. When the course had been changed, the rod would be withdrawn again.

Turns in the opposite direction would be achieved by extending a rod in the other propellor.

8th April 2012


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Here is an idea from fellow Inventor Bill Steell.

An Emergency ‘Zorb‘ type ball, for those caught in an avalanche.

Scenario:- Avalanche warning (or see it coming), Deploy your personal Zorb (double layered skin, large ball), emergency inflate using canister and clamber inside.

Avalanche arrives and sweeps ball onwards like a beachball in the tide, due to the rush of air from the force of the avalanche.

24th October 2010

#1409: WheelsWhere?

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When you learn to drive, that reverse-parking thing seems so difficult.

Part of the reason is that the steering wheel’s connection to the wheels is geared. It’s hard to sense, especially when going slowly, where the wheels are actually pointing.

Today’s invention is a mobile app which sits on the dashboard above the steering wheel and shows a learner exactly where the wheels are pointing.

(It does this by using the mobile device’s camera to read the position of a circular barcode attached to the back face of the steering wheel and then entering the make of vehicle for calibration).