Are you THRILLED by your products?

How do your customers feel?

Staleness, inertia, perfectionism, groupthink -all of these contribute to boring, me-too, uncompetitive offerings. Your own business may well be suffering needlessly from the three major, unacknowledged uncertainties:

• Is your product development supported by your customers?
• Are you really in control of your R+D?
• Perhaps you are unclear about your IP strategy?

Since you are the sort of business leader who recognises the urgency of these questions, why not hire me to help upgrade your product ideas and/or help you design patent get-arounds?

I offer an independent, confidential service, based on almost three decades of experience in supporting Clients such as:

• The BBC
• MIT Media Lab
• UK Ministry of Defence
• Shell Exploration and Production
• US Department of Defense
• PA Consulting Group
• BP
• Douwe Egberts
• Scottish Research Pools
• St Andrews University
• Scientific Generics
• Glasgow University
• Icodeon Ltd
• Gatekeeper Systems LLC
• Philips Electronics

I’d like to apply my imagination and determination to help you make ‘Insanely Great’ products. See my ebook for more information (£2.95).

Or, why not book me now to undertake an introductory project on your behalf? (

However you choose to proceed, I strongly recommend reading this. (Email me and I’ll send you a copy).

For an introductory session via phone or private chatroom, try this (£50 per hour).

Here are some comments about my work which will, I hope, support your decision to make contact:

“…(Patrick’s) outstanding customer service is individual and proactive, and Icodeon appreciated the innovative approach to business development.”
Warwick Bailey, Managing Director, Icodeon Software

“A creative genius.”
John SW Taylor, (ex)Global Vice President (Purchasing), AstraZeneca

“Patrick is highly responsive and consistently provides well thought out, effective support.”
Ivan Andonovic, Professor at University of Strathclyde

“Patrick is an inventive and driven professional who combines solid technical expertise, imagination and flair. He coordinates activities across academic research and business providing new insights into commercialisation from a career spanning both sectors. I can strongly recommend his services.”
Colin McInnes, Director, Advanced Space Concepts Laboratory at University of Strathclyde

“Patrick was committed to Green Cathedral, frequently working long hours and proactively generating ideas for new business opportunities and improved business performance….We recommend him for positions of significant business responsibility.”
The Board of Directors, Green Cathedral, PLC

“Dr Andrews carried out his tasks with energy and imagination. (He) distinguished himself by working tirelessly and aggressively to generate significant new business potential…I would definitely recommend Dr Andrews for employment in any capacity where intelligence, enthusiasm and professionalism were required.”
Michael A Spalding, President, Adaptive Research, Inc

“…My colleagues and I found Patrick to be dedicated, business-focussed and innovative; suggesting and implementing leading-edge and profit-generating solutions. Patrick became an extended member of the marketing team whilst he worked with us on this project and as such added tremendous value. I would certainly recommend Patrick for future roles.”
Kay Dain, (ex)Marketing Director, Greene King

(By the way, the image above is actually a scan of my brain, but if you’re a neurologist and have spotted some anomaly, please don’t tell me about it ; )