#2785: Eggsit

Military planes often have ejections seats, powered by pyrotechnics.

Sitting on a small bomb is generally not the safest way to fly and so today’s invention is a way to eject a pilot with lower g force.

The plane has an especially strong canopy and a hatch beneath where the pilot sits (The canopy is fixed, so entry is via this hatch). When it’s time to leave, the hatch is blown off and he or she is pushed out of the fuselage downwards by the cockpit air pressure.

If the engines are still functioning, at the same time as the hatch blows, the plane would automatically go into a very steep climb, so that the pilot would also be subject to ‘Coriolis force’, accelerating him through the base of the plane so that his parachute may deploy.

This would mean locating a nosewheel further forward than normal or just having a tailwheel.

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