#2720: CabinCar

I’ve been reading about how, in future, airliners will be filled with a flexible combination of interior modules. It set me thinking about how that approach might affect the super rich.

Today’s invention is a passenger module which slots into a limousine. This would be the size of a double bed plus seating area for two people. The same acreage as a first class plane cabin occupies.

The module would be armoured and have its own air supply and communications technologies.

Its main feature, however, is that it can be extracted from the limo, using a small forklift carried in the boot, and inserted into eg an aircraft or a train or a luxury liner.

This would allow the occupants to board their next mode of transport entirely without having to face the press or transport security (having already been screened before departure).

When the module was installed within say a ship, its doors could be opened into a suite or a private sitting room.

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