#2713: StopperStopper

People get hit in the eye by flying champagne corks all the time.

This usually does not cause permanent injury, but sometimes it does.

Today’s invention is a way to render such corks less dangerous.

A large, soft, plastic disk with a pin on one side (red) is pressed into the cork, before removal.

As the cork flies out of the bottle, it is impeded by the drag force on the disk.

Even if contact is made with a bystander, the size of the disc will reduce the impact pressure to less than that required to damage even an eye.

One Comment:

  1. It occurred to me that, instead of a plate, this should be cup-shaped to shield the pin from hitting anyone in the eye. The cup could come fitted to the base of the bottle with the pin accommodated in the recess in the bottle’s base. The pin should of course be like a small section of corkscrew rather than just a point.

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