#2710: Brushedge

In country areas, tractors are allowed to use the roads.

Fair enough, but they tend to carry a tonne of mud with them -which is dangerous in terms of skidding and also makes a mess of cars that have been cleaned.

Today’s invention is a way to ensure that farm vehicles exiting muddy fields and farmyards leave their mess behind them.

A ‘hedge’ unit is constructed of tall, high-durability brushes. Each of these is mounted on a spring (red).

Tractors all have to push through this hedge to exit a field and drive on the road. As they do so, the hedge brushes off any loose clods of mud from the wheels or body of the vehicle. When a tractor passes, some hedge units will be flattened, but the springs will return them to the vertical when it has gone.

A shallow ramp acts as the base of the unit, so that mud brushed off the tractors will tend to fall back into the field.

This synthetic hedge could also be used instead of a gate, saving some money.

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