#2702: GateRace

Some people who travel by air don’t seem to realise that moving to their seat and sitting down should really happen as quickly as possible. There is often a great deal of faffing with the overhead lockers and queueing in the aisles.

Today’s invention aims to speed up the process of getting people to take their seats on a plane.

As passengers get their boarding card at the gate, they can type a number on it into their phone. This sends a text which records their start time.

When they have reached their seat on the plane, they can lean forward and see another number printed on the back of the seat in front of them. This is only legible if you are actually sitting down. Texting this number records their sitting down time. The system now knows who took a minute to sit and who ten minutes.

The faster sitters get a discount on future tickets.

Anyone who moves absurdly quickly (and perhaps will have bumped others out of the way) would not receive their price cut.

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