#2694: SpillWell

Every petrol station I use has a small beach of sand on the forecourt, following spillages.

I hate walking in greasy sand and then dragging it into my vehicle. Not to mention the danger posed by half a gallon or so of 95 octane slopping about the pumps.

Today’s invention is a retro fit device for each pump.

A low tray with a steel grid on top (red) is driven up onto by pump users, using a shallow ramp at either end. Under the grid would be a steel mesh intended to limit the escape of vapour from beneath.

This tray contains a sloping bottom surface which directs anything liquid into a well, away from the paying public. The contents of this well (green) are pumped into a secure container, for later use as a very low-grade, supplemental fuel (for eg heating boilers).

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