#2685: RamPlatform

If you haven’t got space or cash to buy a car lift, then you could always dig a pit -or struggle with a few jack stands when trying to service your car.

Today’s invention offers an alternative approach.

I already own some incredibly strong plastic ramps, but they are much too small in length. It’s possible to lift only two wheels of a car at once.

Instead, imagine a set of nesting ramps of the shape indicated in the picture. These would be easily storable and you could buy as many or as few as necessary.

As shown, these enable a sturdy platform to be built so that a vehicle can be raised to an effective working height.
(The necessary end stops are omitted from the image. I’d imagine each as a recess which would allow the driver to sense when his car had reached a safe limit for reversing. These recesses wouldn’t interfere with nesting for storage or inversion when building the platform.)

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