#2675: TwinTanks

When designing an armoured vehicle, there are lots of compromises to be made. You want to be high enough to detect the enemy but low enough to evade targetting by them. You need to cover large distances fast but you don’t want to carry huge volumes of fuel into battle.

Today’s invention separates some of the functions of a tank into transport and combat.

The lower part, in black, acts as a mobile store of fuel and ammunition. It can cover huge distances with zero wear and tear on the fighting unit above.

The top unit’s wheels spin backwards whilst sitting on the main tracks of the lower machine.

When the enemy is sighted, the wheeled fighting unit descends to the ground via a ramp.

This upper unit is fast moving and designed for conflict on terrain chosen to be more suited to a wheeled vehicle. Its low profile makes it very hard to target. If damaged, or just in need of refitting, it can be winched back onto the mothership.

A more advanced version might involve several fighting units to one tracked vehicle.

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