#2558: Wiser Idlers

Conventional wisdom says that you have to use either a shaft (inefficient) or a chain (maintenance nightmare) to provide the final drive for your motorcycle.

I’m not a fan of conventional wisdom, so today’s invention provides an alternative.

It takes the form of a train of n idler wheels (n would be an odd number, if the engine direction remains fixed), These lie between the drive sprocket (red) and the rear wheel sprocket (blue).

Experts say this is foolish because it would be noisy, frictional and exhibit high rotational inertia.

I therefore propose that the idlers be made of say spoked carbon fibre with only an outer gear ring made of steel. Encase all of this in an oilspray enclosure and all the major downsides of this approach can be overcome.

This lubricated idler geartrain would be inherently super-strong, efficient and require little maintenance.

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