#2542: Gamingas

Today’s invention offers a way to win at the game of craps.

Based on some work by Polish researchers, if you throw a die, in a given orientation, onto a soft surface, it is much more likely to land in that original orientation.

You obviously can’t roll out a cushion on the craps table, but you could surreptitiously spray a small volume of sulphur hexafluoride onto it. These tables are shaped like a bath and so the ultra heavy gas would form a still layer: a cushion onto which the dice can be thrown.

This gas is colourless and odourless, so a tube down the sleeve linked to a low pressure bladder squeezed beneath one armpit should do the trick.

Just remember that you need to play the game a long time to win big, the dice motion may look a bit slow -and it’s important not to get caught.

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