#2535: BumperCart

Dings and dents on the side of a car most often come from people behaving carelessly with shopping trolleys or flinging their doors open wide when the parking spaces are just too cramped.

Today’s invention attempts to help with the first of these issues.

Supermarkets would provide each visiting car owner with a foam liner box for the inside of their shopping trolley (red). Shoppers could be convinced to use these because a) the foam keeps any cold products cold whilst they browse and b) the box has handles which make transferring their shopping to their car easier. These would be reusable.

The real purpose though is car door protection.

Putting things in the box requires a user to fold out three foam curtains (yellow) which are attached to the front and side edges of the top of the box. These flop over the trolley sides and form a continuous barrier between the trolley’s metal parts and a parked car’s paintwork.

When the foam boxes are in transit home, the trolleys can be nested, as usual.

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