#2533: StillShot

Consider the high-accuracy bolt-action rifle. It has very few moving parts (the bolt + firing pin and the spring). This makes for a short lock time (the time between trigger squeeze and firing), and thus less chance of being thrown off target and/or malfunctioning.

The problem is that when the bolt drives the firing pin into the firing cap on the bullet, all of that moving mass, restrained only on the underside by the marksman’s hands, has a tendency to force the barrel to point initially downwards a little and the bullet’s accuracy is unnecessarily compromised.

Today’s invention is therefore a reaction-free firing pin mechanism (yellow) (restrained in the middle by a rigid bar (red).

The pin is double sided, so that when the trigger is activated, one side hits the bullet and the other hits the body of the rifle. This maintains stillness -at least until the gunpowder in the bullet ignites.

(From that point, established set up and sighting mechanisms can be used to limit the inaccuracy caused by any large unbalanced torques).

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