#2521: LabRatory

Theme park owners are desperate for thrilling experiences -which are also 100% safe.

Today’s invention is an upgrade to the ancient idea of mazes, which is aimed at offering eg themeparks a more engaging entertainment.

A large number of tall privet bushes are planted in boxes with wheels, motors and wireless controls.

These bushes can be joined together to form walls of a reconfigurable maze.

Once a ‘player’ has penetrated the maze, cameras detect their eye movements and reorder the walls of the maze in areas where they are not looking.

This could be used to create a genuinely frightening experience…certainly enough of a challenge to those seeking something along the lines of a haunted house visit. The maze could have variations in difficulty, from static to inescapable.

(Cutting the bushes could be done by running them each through a stationary trimmer occasionally).

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