#2502: Endnui

In the latest scientific news I read that, when we are blinking, time seems to pass more quickly.

In fact, time passes two to four times as fast when the eyes are closed than during darkness while the eyes are open.

Today’s invention offers a way to speed up boring processes, such as staring at a screen whilst waiting for some software to download.

People tend to develop epileptic symptoms if they are subject to bright flashes of light, so the approach here would be to wear special glasses. These would detect when the wearer was watching something boring (either eg by understanding that a download was in progress or that call waiting music was being listened to).

Then, a small cannister of compressed air in the body of the glasses would begin puffing air at each eyeball randomly.

The blinks induced would appear to greatly speed events up, so that the perceptual process in which ‘a watched kettle never boils’ would be overcome.

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