Guest post -Rob Tillaart

Rob Tillaart, a good friend of IOTD over the years, recently sent me some of his ideas for inclusion here:

Saw this one -and got the following ideas:

1) connecting air craft carriers

suppose you have 2 air craft carriers, and you would “connect” them back to back, the landing strip would become twice as long.
So instead of making one big ACC it might be cheaper to create multiple that can connect.
The connection itself should be removable in seconds in case of emergencies.

2) drones capture a plane
imagine several small but strong drones connecting electromagnetically to an airplane (esp in trouble)
plane stops engines and drones fly him home. Drones can be reused and do not need to
have a long range.

After a few days I like the connected aircraft carrier better and better. If hit in battle, big chance one only need to replace 50% to be on full strength again. It could decrease “operational” costs in the end. Of course the principle can be used for other large vessels too.

3) Disaster relief

Hospital vessels that can be “small first aid” of just “bed” boats that connect and grow and eventually include special facilities when needed. These could customize aid on demand e.g. for earthquake areas.

A small number of small “strip-ships” can construct an airstrip on demand, as the first boats arrive an emergency strip is available with minimal facilities and as more strip-ships arrive a “larger” airport can be created. In fact a whole city …

After the emergency period the floating facilities can be scaled down gradually.

4) Submarines
Submarines could start as head-tail only and extend in the middle with segments (Lets call them sub-sets 🙂 Instead of connecting modules in a shipyard, why not connect them under water. No law in nature forbids it…

5) Containerships
Imagine an large containership that can split up in a number of smaller ships. These smaller ships can enter smaller harbours far more easily (or even at all). Also a large containership could split up before going through the suez or panama canal.

My thanks to Rob for his continuing interest and creativity. If you’d like to write a guest post or contribute to IOTD in any way, do please get in touch via the Hire Me link, above.

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