#2498: Adrenalink

I’m no fan of adrenaline. I like to feel in control and develop skills.

Nonetheless, today’s invention is for people who like to live on the edge.

Imagine a roller coaster which has, at its simplest, sections which are on rails and which can slide between locations. In the image, the pale blue section can slide between the fixed green and red sections of track.

This would provide ride customers (in the black carriage) with the belief that they were speeding towards a gap. Just as they get there, B moves quickly to join A -and the ride occupants are then speeding towards another gap.

The motion of the blue section, whilst carrying the carriage, could be made fast and erratic, so that riders would find it hard to predict whether they would smoothly join up with the red section.

These breaks in the track could be mirrored by sudden disconnections between sections of the cars themselves, so that some would unexpectedly be left on a retreating section of track, whilst other cars proceeded as normal.

Every time someone goes on this ride, their experience could thus be made very different.

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