#2493: HedgeHelmet

I spend a few hours a week running; a fair part of which is on suburban pavements. Householders, it seems, don’t take hedge cutting very seriously which means that people in wheelchairs or pushchairs can frequently be forced out onto the road because of bulging masses of privet.

This affects me most when I’m running with our dog on-lead and I therefore have to try to stay right away from traffic.

Today’s invention is a way to deal with bulging hedges, preferably before they make the pavement impassable.

A cycle helmet is fitted with several bladed units on each side. The blades are mounted using zip ties passed through the conduits shown and the vents in the helmet. As you run by a hedge, you can stick your head against it and trim it back rather effectively. The bladed units stand off the helmet surface to allow thin sprigs of hedge to pass into the blade recess and be snipped off

This leaves the hedge in a bit of a mess and the pavement does get covered in clippings. Both of these effects should alert the hedge owner to act on their responsibilities.

I imagine that the bladed units could also be worn on the upper and forearms to add an extra scything action.

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