#2490: Wheelie bench

Today’s invention is intended to make extra use of the enormous wheelie bins, which householders are now often required to accommodate, as supports for a workshop bench. Each house will usually have three or four of these bins: one for general refuse, one for garden waste and one for materials recycling.

The idea is for each home to make more effective use of the space occupied as well as to help recycle a kitchen worktop, of which there are large numbers currently sent to landfill.

The worktop would have a couple of ports cut through it and these would be positioned over the bins so that waste could still be placed inside them -including any eg sawdust created during the future bench work.

The worktop would have some low cost clamps attached so that it could be held firmly in place over the bins (with their lids open). These bins are surprisingly stable and the clamps would add to that.

On bin days, one bin would be quickly unclamped and a different bin inserted. If you objected to the smell of the rubbish, then the ports could each have a crude plug (made from the extracted section of worktop).

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