#2488: Mobile bikepark

Motorcycle theft is a huge problem, especially in cities like London where the Police can’t pursue thieves since that would pose a danger to the public.

Many crimes occur when a thief uses a cordless angle grinder to cut off the lock from the brake disc on a motorcycle, so chaining your bike to a lamppost is just not secure.

We are always being told about how we must welcome autonomous vehicles. Not me, but today’s invention employs them on behalf of bikers.

A rider arrives in a city and makes a call. Within a few minutes an armoured, autonomous truck arrives and a slot opens in the side. The rider’s machine is rolled inside, the slot locked and the truck drives away.

The truck then circulates slowly until it receives a call to drop off or collect another bike. There is no way to hijack this machine without a main battle tank.

All the calls are encrypted, so that thieves can’t just call up a truck and ride off on somebody else’s bike.

A different drop off point is arranged by phone and the truck will require biometric verification of the receiver. It will also film the scene to ensure that he/she can get away unmolested. These trucks might also offer a safe place for a biker under threat, as well as supplies of emergency fuel.

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