#2486: RimBlings

Wheels on cars are a huge business. Just like spoilers and exhaust systems, people get very emotional about the design of their spinning rims.

Today’s invention is a new way to add a bit of extra drama to this discerning marketplace.

Imagine a wheel which can be attached to the hub as usual (with B on the outside) or attached to the same hub but ‘inside out’ (with A on the outside). This used to be common enough but, with the rise of super elaborate multi piece alloy rims, the practice has largely ceased. Most wheels have a second grade surface where hub meets wheel, but this need not be the case and a protective pad could easily be inserted there.

The benefits come from the asymmetry: having A be the outward side increases the track of the car (eg for race use). It also provides a much more dramatic ‘stance,’ without the usual spacers. Faces A and B could also sport different colours (perhaps using a body-colour wrap on one of them). One might be spoked and the other dished.

Cars like mine which has massive rears and smaller front wheels could get away with four identical wheels, attached with narrow-track in the front and wide in the rear. The only constraint is that the wheels would still have to avoid collision with the suspension and fit over the brake callipers, of course.

You’d also have to be a bit canny when using wheels with inherently directional treads.

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