#2462: ScreenSwap

Windscreens are vulnerable to flying rocks. When a bad break occurs, it’s not safe to drive with restricted vision, so you may choose to punch out the remaining glass.

Nobody likes having lumps of safety glass blowing into their face though, so it usually means a two-hour wait by the roadside, until the Expensive-Screens-R-Us van appears.

Today’s invention is a sunroof window which can be popped out and used instead of a holed windscreen.

This would be made bigger than the windscreen itself, so that it could be quickly clamped in place over the windscreen aperture and enable a quick, safe ride home (or to your friendly local garage).

For people who live in rainy countries, there might be a two-layer sunroof option. One could be extracted to replace the windscreen, whilst the other keeps your head dry.

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