#2411: SOSpur

People in a plane crash tend to underreact, it seems, due partly to peer pressure.

Nobody wants to be the first to leap from their seat and start bundling people down the aisles.


Today’s invention is a wrist band that would be provided to selected individuals dispersed throughout a plane.

The selection would be based on social media profile…so if you claim an interest in adrenaline-inducing sports or training in the military, you can expect to be issued one.

In an emergency, the cabin staff would send a signal to all of these wristbands in order to cause the fitter, better prepared individuals to take the lead and start escaping.

The signal might be in the form of a small electric shock -to ensure that people got the required impetus to move. There might be a variety of simple signals meaning eg ‘open the cabin door’ or ‘move people to the back.’

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