#2408: PistolPicker

Today’s invention is a magazine for firearms which allows the user to choose the kind of round to fire next (ie blank, high-charge,tracer, rubber etc).

The magazine would be filled with a number of different types of round, in order.


It would have a spring at either end, so that as rounds were extracted and fired, as usual, the remaining ones would be available to choose, by moving the magazine up or down. This movement could be controlled manually or motorised in response to a switcahable safety catch indicating which type to select.

This offers the possibility that eg a police officer could, without stopping to swap ammunition clips, choose to fire a warning shot or a rubber bullet, rather than have only lethal projectiles to fire.


  1. Why should the P.O. choose?
    The gun would know the moment the PO takes it from the holster(?), then it automatically first loads a warning bullet. The first minute after a warning bullet is shot automatically a real bullet is loaded. If the grip of the police officer loosens the situation might be less stressful so the real bullet is replaced by a rubber one or after some minutes a new warning one. In the grip increases (stress level up) the real bullet is loaded again.

    in short, pressure sensor (or sweat sensor) to control the ammo.

    • Interesting to have a weapon which in some sense everyone knows is not under the user’s conscious control…it’s a little like Rocky saying ‘don’t push me…” Would it make anyone less inclined to ‘play chicken’ with a police officer, knowing that the weapon would discharge automaticaly, just by stressing the officer?

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