#2407: Pillowheel

I’ve always admired this invention: the exhaust-inflated tyre change balloon -but you don’t see many of them in use at the side of the road.

Maybe it’s not that great an idea to run your engine with a restricted exhaust?


Anyway, today’s invention is an adaptation of the above idea but which doesn’t actually require the car owner to do any tyre changing.

The balloon device would be smaller than is normally required to remove wheels.

It would be inflated under the vehicle as usual but only raise it enough to lift the flat tyre off the ground -and then be sealed.

The balloon would have a set of small, ultra-tough castors on the underside. These would be able to turn under radio control, so that as you turn the steering wheel, the castors would help steer.

This system would allow a car to be driven home at low speed, so that anyone who was unable to change a wheel could still get back to base without waiting two hours for roadside assistance.

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