#2389: Batterotation

Battery chargers are a bit boring.

Today’s invention is a way to reinject a little extra drama.


Imagine a charger with no LED to indicate when the cells are charged.

Instead, there is a single small motor, fed from the mains and rotating the batteries slowly via a little gear.

When charging is complete, the batteries will have turn from showing eg a red outer side to a uniform green.

It would also be possible to have a message on the underside of the batteries, which would be revealed when they were ready.


  1. I would prefer a charger that ejects the battery when full (full defined as reaching an equilibrium, not necessary some predef max level)

    It is a new branch of electronics, the ejectronics – electronic gadgets that eject something after completed.
    remember Star Trek ejected their antimatter core sometimes. That’s big ejectronics 😉

    • Ejectronics…superb. Actually, a friend who works in remanufacturing is designing systems for vehicles which dissassemble themselves *automatically* when heated in a certain way.

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