#2374: Singerprint

According to some headphone and speaker manufacturers, it’s essential to ‘run in’ your new audio equipment by playing a wide range of music through them for perhaps the first few hundred hours.

HiFi buffs tend to be a bit obsessive but this seems crazier than usual. I assume that the aim is to subject the diaphragms to a wide variety of vibrational frequencies, so that the microscopic creases which are formed in their material are not dominated by those of a particular size. A speaker surface with only large creases might be less responsive to very high frequencies.


Playing white noise at high volume might ensure an equal distribution of creases across the size spectrum -but if you only ever listen to string quartets, forming creases characteristic of heavy metal might be counterproductive.

Today’s invention is therefore a running-in CD on which is recorded a cocktail of different musical tones, made by instruments of the type that a listener prefers.

This would allow both a much faster running-in period and a personal-preference tuned system.

(Real music enthusiasts would probably have a distinct set of speakers for every different genre in their collection).

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