#2372: PassengerPress

Today’s invention is a new way to pack people aboard passenger jets, which might gladden the hearts of the board of Ryanair (if they had any).

This consists of a huge number of vertical boards equipped with a small foldable desk and a display (yellow). These are stationary and fitted with an inflatable mattress on the front side.


An additional set of blue boards can be moved along guiderails and locked in position against a passenger, so that their face protrudes through a porthole which is movable vertically.

These would each have an inflatable mattress too, so that passengers are comfortably sandwiched.

The mattresses could be supplied with a continuous flow of air, the temperature of which would be regulated by the occupant.

This arrangement would allow people to sleep standing up, avoid deep vein thromboses and be much more densely packed than when sitting conventionally.

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