#2358: LeverLoader

When you load the panniers of your bike before a long trip, it’s difficult to ensure that the weight is equally distributed.

This is also important, so that the machine is safely rideable.


Today’s invention is a balance for the parcel rack on a bicycle.

This has a fulcrum and a lever arm.

The panniers can be filled and the arm slid from one side towards the other until the bags exert equal turning effects clockwise and anticlockwise.

The arm is then locked in place before cycling off.


  1. As you always need to take some water with you, why not make two communicating watertanks, that compensates balance automatically. Just like in big ships. With a small pump one can do miracles 😉

    • I was inspired by some guy I saw who was carrying a whole tent + other camping gear in one side and nothing much in the other. The effect was an odd wobbling motion. Maybe we could pump the water from side to side to optimise cornering?

  2. wrt plant
    Why not make the counterweight also a water reservoir. weight is weight, why not useful?
    Could it be made so that when the plant is dry and the balance tips over that the plant get water?

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