#2353: Fingarray

Today’s invention is a new form of glove for use in eg isolation cabinets or in spacesuits.

As well as a set of conventional mittens, for moving large loads with low precision, one’s suit would allow the hands to be withdrawn and the fingertips inserted into a kind of two-dimensional sea anemone surface within the suit.


This would be both transparent and highly flexible and used only for exerting tiny forces with ultra high dexterity. Each of the glove’s fingers would be prevented from swelling due to the pressure differential by a loose weave of fibres embedded within the material, but avoiding the pads of the fingers.

Only one’s fingertips need be inserted and these would have many possible options in terms of their optimal placement for the task at hand.

This arrangement would cause much less damage to a user’s fingernails and allow long periods of fiddly work to be undertaken with comparatively low stress.

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