#2346: Footlights

Professional athletes in training expend a lot of effort attempting to learn to reproduce the optimal pattern of steps in their event.

This applies to sprint, hurdles, high-jump etc. -anything which depends critically on precise foot placement.


Today’s invention is to equip an athlete’s shoes each with a tiny projector. Clipped to the top of the toe box, this projector would shine a simple outline of the left foot onto the track when the right foot impacted the ground…and vice versa.

This would show where one’s next foot placement should ideally be.

It would even be updateable in realtime….if, for example, a hurdle had been taken badly, so that the right foot landed in an unusual place, software would calculate the adjustment required to the planned left foot position to get back on track as fast as possible.

This might also be useful for teaching dance to those of us with two left feet.

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