#2345: CellarSeller

Our consumerist society is so absurd that a whole industry has arisen to allow people in small homes to store the quantities of stuff they have bought but have no room to keep with them.

Today’s invention is a simple way to remind people that this is not very healthy and to help them get rid of their surplus possessions.


When you place items in storage, each is photographed before being consigned to your crate or locker.

These images are later piped to your computer screen as a random screen saver.

This keeps you aware that you already own a set of bone china crockery with matching cruets -and might discourage you from inadvertently buying more. Labelling the images could even allow one’s browser to intercede when you were in the process of making an online purchase of something like the products you already own.

Over time, if the contents of a crate had not been accessed, an owner could authorise that the images be posted to ebay, so that they could be automatically sold without the emotional pain of having to part with one’s superfluous belongings.

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