#2344: ScissorShields

I was shocked to hear, from some primary school teachers, that about 70% of 10-year olds can’t use scissors; having been denied access to them for ‘safety reasons’.

Today’s invention aims to fix that silliness.


The scissor blades each have a sheath fitted which is free to slide along the blade (and with an internal spring so that the sheaths want to shoot off the blades).

A wire loop joins the sheaths, via a pair of pegs on the handles.

When the scissors are open, the sheaths move close to the handles, leaving only a very small length of blade exposed for cutting.

As the cutting progresses, the handles move closer to each other and more of the blades are unshielded.

This allows scissors to be used by the inexperienced but prevents even a child’s finger from making contact with any significant length of bare blade.

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